American Themed Dive Bar

You’ll be stepping into ‘The Danger Zone’ when you head through the front door of Maverick’s, Transporting you to the neighbourhoods of America without having to get on a plane.

This ‘Top Gun’ inspired venue has been obsessively curated to mimic life in an American dive bar.  

Enjoy a beer and an American snack, washed down pints priced from just £2.95, play pool, watch the Super Bowl and other sports on 12 well placed TV screens

Expect a relaxed vibe, frank and friendly service and an authentic experience, but take a closer look and you’ll see that Maverick’s is so much more than just affordable watering hole thanks to some clever design features including vintage neon signs, a Statue of Liberty and an original American Flag and no American themed bar could be seen without a Juke Box throwing out the tunes and drinkers won’t be disappointed at Maverick’s with an original Wurlitzer Juke Box taking centre stage in the new bar and will be leaving drinkers with ‘that loving feeling